If that side business is something you are very passionate about, things are more likely to be much easier!

I have a passion for weddings; it feels great when you get that smile from a bride after she has found her dream gown. Running a wedding dress retail store earns me extra income but what’s more: “It is something I love”.

Handling both your job and a business can be complicated and difficult especially at the beginning though for me it was not that hard because my beginning started when I was still young. My father was a teacher and a business man, so we grew up multitasking, school and the hardware shop. It was not much of a hassle when I decided to launch my business despite being a full time employee.

Belle Marrie bridal shop at Ntinda Quality Shopping Mall: Kampala-Uganda

It is important to keep boundaries between your job and your business

As an individual whose attention is required both at the work place and at the business I try my best not to let the disappointments from one side affect the other. Though I should say disappointments are part of the package and it is difficult to separate you from you but one thing you need to remember is that, both your job and your business are valuable to you. You do not have to disappoint your employer neither should you damage your business. Keeping boundaries between the two is crucial.

A happy bride in a dress from Belle Marrie bridal shop

Delegating is a key to smooth handling of both

Some days work can be very demanding and you may not have enough time for your business but it doesn’t have to be so if you delegate. Delegating does not only allow you to continue being focused at your job but it also shows your workers that you have faith in them. I have been faced with this situation but because I often delegate and have faith that they will perform, I do my job at ease.  Try your best to pick the right people to work with and integrate them well into the business knowing that you cannot do everything by yourself.

Proper Scheduling saves you from headaches and facilitate the fulfillment of tasks

I am full available at my workplace throughout the day and after working hours i will make sure i pass by my business before heading home. I spend weekends and public  holidays at my business, do things that I may not be able to do on normal days. When you have a proper schedule for everything it is the best way, I can handle my business, my job and I still set time to be with my family.

Sometimes it might feel like it is impossible for the business to flourish when you are full time employed! But the important question is: What does your business mean to you? Is it more of a breadwinner than your job? Is it your passion? Once you answer these two questions, then you get to realize the importance you have attached to the business and what you have to do for it to grow!

If you are employed and you want to start a side business; start small, and don’t be afraid to make losses at the beginning, as time goes you will continue to learn and perfect your management capabilities. One thing to keep in mind is that: “Customer is the key”