A lot of people are using social media these days. As a business person this is an opportunity for you to exploit the cheapest way of communicating with your customers. Being present in social media is one thing but using it right is another.

Now Here Is How to Use It Right!

Determine the right social media channel to market your product

When I say the right social media channel, I mean where you expect to find most of your customers and potential customers. You can be present in as many social media channels as you want but if you are not careful it might just be a waste of time, more could be accomplished by only focusing on the channel/channels that can yield you the most. Personally, I am focusing most on two social media channels which are Facebook and Instagram because it is where I believe most of my potential customers can be found. And that’s where my products can be easily promoted. This also depends with the channel itself, like for example between Facebook and instagram I make more use of instagram since it has a direct link with Facebook, you can just share something on instagram and what you have shared can appear on Facebook as well.

Embrace the use of Visual aids

Posts that are accompanied with a picture are more likely to attract attention.  People tend to be very visual. When a post include a visual aid like a picture or a short video it can receive more likes or even comments and shares than a post with merely words. But yes of course the visual aid and the accompanied words have to complement each other otherwise the audience will be confused and the intended massage might not be delivered.

Some products displayed inside AK Classic Cosmetics shop

Support your post with an attractive heading/caption

Being too wordy or write too long sentences can sometimes cause less people to pay attention to your post. Making the caption, short, clear and attractive can be a way of pulling traffic to your post. Attractive also means being a bit artistic with words; you can even make use of appropriate idioms to grab attention.

Know the right time to share your posts

I find early morning hours to be the best, as at this time most people are on their way to work and while on traffic jams they tend to check their social media. Some people also have the habit of going through social media the minute they rise from their bed or when having breakfast! Lunch time, is also a good time to share posts since most people are less engaged with work so they have some free time to browse through social media.  Despite the fact that I pay attention to peak hours when most people are active online but I usually re-post the shared content to maximize visibility, multiple sharing of the same content increases the possibility of it to be seen by those who missed it when it was first shared. Some social media have features that can help you determine peak hours e.g. Facebookinsight for facebook……and the good news is they are basically free, so, why not using them!!

Promote Engagement to your post

Encourage people to like, comment and share your post so as to make the post seen by as many people as possible. One way to do this is by attaching a question to a post and asks the audience for their views on your product or anything that is related to whatever you are marketing. Offering giveaways is another good way of promoting what you have shared; I personally use this technique regularly, like for example I can give a free gift to someone who will be able to tag the post to a bigger number of people. You can as well pay to promote your posts, and that way people will see your post into their social media news feed.

Albert and a happy customer at AK Classic Cosmetics shop

As important as it is to have a business plan before venturing into a business it is also important to have a Social Media promotion plan before starting a random sharing of content in Social Media channels

Having a plan on how to engage in social media can help maximizing the outcome of promoting through Social Media. Regular evaluation is likewise important in order to determine how best you can use the opportunities created by social media and gain more mileage for your product.