Running a hair and beauty salon is an idea that I have had for a long time until putting it into action late last year. From when I started to present I can actually say we are doing well. What seems like a good idea may or may not work depends with the circumstances surrounding it.

Does experience in the industry matter?

I say yes, experience in the industry you want to venture a business in is important! At least if you are not experienced you should do an intensive research so that you can familiarize yourself with the business before jumping in!! The advantage you have by investing in a business you are acquainted with is that; you become more certain of the operation model that will help you reach your intended goals. Regardless of the fact that I have not operated a hair and beauty salon before or work in one of them, I do have a good experience as a user of salon services. The good thing about service based business is that, even as a user you can become familiar with the operation model at a good extent if you are interested.

So how about location……..?

Swahili Touch is located at shoppers plaza where other different kind of businesses that offers a variety of services are found, which means a good number of people visit the place every day. The plaza is by the roadside which makes it easy to locate and it has ample parking space. A busy location is promising for business like a salon business. Locating Swahili Touch salon at this kind of area it means, I had an assurance that there are potential customers who will see us which also translate to less cost in advertising ourselves to the intended customers.

Shoppers Plaza, Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam-where Swahili Touch Hair and Beauty Lounge is located

If you are confident in your foreseen plan of overcoming competition then the chances that the idea will stand are higher!

Any business has competitors, even if they are not there by the time you launch the business you can be sure they will appear when the business blossom. I had this considered and I intended to establish my competence in offering good quality services by using best products, offering great services through hiring professional and experienced people coupled with a conducive surrounding . When talking of good quality products I also mean products that are more health friendly; at Swahili Touch salon I intended to use more of the products that have more natural ingredients and that is what we actually do. I was not going to just do business I was also going to have the health of my clients into consideration. The good thing is that, these days people are more aware of the benefits of using products that have more natural ingredients and less chemicals. Therefore, I was confidently that, by being different and consider customers welfare I will be able to put Swahili Touch on a good spot.

Inside Swahili Touch Hair and Beauty Lounge

Is that business idea offering a certain solution to a continuous need? If yes, then, that dose adds some points to the fact that “it is a good idea”

Solon services are one of those services which people will always need, things like:  having neat and well styled hair, groomed nails, getting a professional massage and so on and so forth. All the mentioned services and more that are offered at Swahili touch unisex hair and beauty lounge are the kind of services which serve a certain need and appeal to a mass market. So being a business that is fulfilling a particular need which is a continuously one, it means I knew I was going to invest in a business that has persistent demand and as long as I can offer good services and apply good business strategies they will always be customers.

We probably come across a number of what seems like good business ideas every day; the wise thing to do is to analyze the goodness of the idea before jumping into implementation.