How it all started

When I started working for the first time at my very tender age of eighteen, I was very cautious, worried of doing something wrong. That was after I got my secondary special education in my home town Kokshetau on the northern part of The Republic of Kazakhstan. After receiving my first degree, I got a job in the capital city, Astana; where I worked as an expert in the business development department at the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning.

My first experience to work in a foreign country was when I was doing my masters degree in South Korea. It was during the winter semester that I, together with my then classmates had a chance to work as interns in different companies and organizations. Myself I worked with STX (an offshore and shipbuilding company), It was a very interesting experience. Back home I used to be surrounded by fellow countrymen at the work place but at STX there was no one from my country: it felt different, yet, very interesting. Studying and working in a foreign country made me feel that I can change anything at any time in my life including working and relocating to another country if I want to.

Aiganym with some of her classmates in South Korea

Aiganym at STX offices in Seoul-South Korea

Working towards the goal

When I returned home after graduation, I went back to work for the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning in the same position that I was prior moving to Korea and after one year I was promoted to a chief expert position. Having exposed to an International community in Korea aroused my desire to work in an International environment. I started paying attention to news paper announcements and check relevant website to see if I can find a job offer which fitted my qualifications. One day I saw a post on the Eurasian Economic Union website that matched my qualifications and I applied for it. Eurasian Economic Union is an Economic Union that is formed by five countries which are Russia Federation, Republic of Belarus, The Republic of Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyz Republic. The union head quarters are situated in Moscow-Russia.

Aiganym at The Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan when she was still working as an expert in the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning

A few weeks later l was called for an interview and I had to travel to Moscow because that is where the interview was going to take place. The results of the interview was to be communicated after two weeks and after that time I checked on the website and find that I had passed the interview. I was so happy that day and started thinking about my life in Moscow and the new chapter in my career.

New Experience in an International working environment

From the minute I walked into the premises of Eurasian Economic Union, I knew it was going to be an exciting and interesting experience. The people were friendly and I quickly adjusted to a new working environment. I enjoy working with the Eurasian Economic Union because my daily work is now involving an international scope. Before, my work was confined to the legislation issues of one country but now I deal with a more wide range of issues from five different countries. This is my motto and maybe it can work for you too “Whenever you see an opportunity, don’t think too much, grab it”!

Aiganym at Skolkovo Innovation Center, Forum and Expo-Eurasian Week: Moscow-Russia

The Important things to consider while working abroad

The important things you need to do when working in a foreign country is: take some efforts to understand their culture, Interact and adapt to the local environment and you will have the time of your life.

Aiganym in the streets of Moscow

If you have been thinking of pursuing a career in a foreign country…start working on it today…

If you want to work abroad, go ahead and do it, don’t be afraid, do it today! While we are postponing life speeds! Once I read a statement and I liked it, “If you want to change your location, change it, because you are not a tree”