When I returned to Indonesia from my studies in the US back in 2012, that’s when I started having so much interest in mural designing. I could walk in the streets look at some murals and see that, most of them were not very professionally designed but I could actually see the talents behind the arts. And I wondered what if these talents could be used more professionally? And what if these murals can be designed for something more than just aesthetic? My mind could not let go of the idea and so I said to myself I am going to make it happen!

Putting the idea into action (What to consider when choosing a business partner)

I cannot design and I cannot paint either, I am good in marketing thought, so I looked for a good designer and a good painter and we became partners. You see, this is one thing that you need to be careful about when choosing a partner it is best when partners’ skills complement each other.

As they say, there are several ways to skin a cat, and this was our way………………..

We started like doing it just for fun but it was a way of making people pay attention to our work. We designed murals which were different from the common murals painted in different places. And yes, after like six months of attention seeking it actually worked and we started receiving orders.

A 3D Trick Art, (Displaying an Indian kingdom) Drawn 1 unit on the wall and 1 unit on the floor: You can get an experience of walking on a bridge at the Indian kingdom with this trick eye art! By iMural

It is not always that there is a ready-made market for your product, sometimes you have to create it! Make a great product then convince them!

At the beginning the market for professionally designed mural was quite small but we were determined to change the perception of the people with our good designs and good marketing strategies. As time went on more and more people started to develop interest in murals since we were able to give mural designing in Indonesia a new meaning from just being what was painted in the street walls to making murals used for interior decorations, product advertisements and more!

Flowers mural for wall decoration. By iMural

Competition will always be there you just need to know how to deal with it

With the expansion of market size for professional murals there are more mural designing companies which are joining the industry, but we are still standing out because we always strive to be best. When recruiting the people to work with we focus on the best! We have the top tier designers, the top tier painters and the top tier marketers. With the best team we make high quality products which give us a competitive advantage.

Ground cracking Mural: Get an illusion of walking on a cracked ground with this trick Eye art. By iMural

The people are our greatest asset!

As owners of the company we put much effort to bring the best out of our employees. We are three partners and each one of us is heading a department that deals with his area of expertise. We recognize that people are different, even if you are all good designers, each one of you has that one angle of designing which he/she is better at and we strive to let that unique part shining. This way we have managed to create a creative and expertise culture at our firm as well as make every employee feel important and be ready to use their potentials for the benefit of the company in general.

iMural team on a recreational trip: Outdoor recreational activities bring the team closer and enhance creativity!

Recognize the challenges and deal with them strategically

Every phase in business has its own unique challenges, at the beginning the main challenge was to get a reliable number of customers so that the company can survive; we struggled to make that happen and succeed to a good extent. As getting customers is not much of a problem now then a new challenge is how to keep customers happy and be able to maintain them! To achieve that, we work hard to continue offering our customers best quality products and services. But high quality products and high quality services cannot be achieved if the employees are unhappy! So here I am saying this again! “The people are our greatest assets both our customers and our employees!”